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About FI-NIC
Multifunctional energy saving next-generation paint FI-NIC is paint having both various functions.
FI-NIC is the water-based paint which blended minute hollow beads to acrylic emulsion.
Coating of only 0.3m shows various functions and effects, and FI-NIC does energy saving, big contribution to CO2 reduction.

【FI-NIC 】 [FI-NIC] Oh, with paint with superior Heat Block, insulation, thermal insulation function, many functionality is shown only in [paint].
Because Heat Block, an insulation, the thermal insulation purpose that used various materials applies 【FI-NIC】, it is cheap and is carried out easily and can get the same class or a further effect so far.

【FI-NIC】The water-based paint which blended minute hollow beads to, acrylic emulsion, the coating of 0.3 millimeters of only thickness protect a building from a chill by solar heat in winter in the summer, and play a role as the thermal insulation (cold insulation); to energy saving, CO2 reduction big; contribute.

A reflection (milk white) increases light of the sun more than 85% in a summer hot season and has both the insulation effect and restrains the temperature rise in the building and reduces the load of the air-conditioner and reduces a large electricity consumption
In addition, in a winter cold season, FI-NIC enclose genial climate by the indoor heating, and thermal effect to prevent you from missing genial climate outdoors is connected to the large reduction of heating costs.

The dressing for the building is Japanese Industrial Standards , and performance , a quality standard is established .

【FI-NIClargely clear these performance, quality standards.

Use restrictions of building materials radiating "formaldehyde" by Building Standard Act are established now. A rank by the quantity of radiation from F ☆ to F ☆☆☆☆ is to the building materials, and F ☆☆☆☆ is placed if there is little radiation quantity in fact, but 【FI-NIC】 is largely less than the paint product standard best standard value of formaldehyde.

The rank of the quantity of radiation of formaldehyde corresponds to F ☆☆☆☆ product.


Standard construction specifications
Materials constitution
Product Name Characteristic, effect Capacity Ingredient name
FI-NIC Water-based paint
Effect: Insulation, Block Heat, thermal insulation waterproofing
characteristic: Day reflection, insulation effect, weatherability, adhesion strength, elasticity
16L/12Kg Special combination resin

Construction constitution
FI-NIC Groundwork adjustment
Groundwork adjustment
There are dirt and an oil slick You perform an air blow or high pressure water washing, and you are dried.
There is outbreak of the rust You proof it against rust, and please paint it.
*The kind of the rust prevention painting, please use an epoxy paint.
Urethane coating waterproofing materials There are often an invisible oil slick and plasticizer and recommends that I wash it with a synthetic detergent or an alkaline detergent.
Please go to the prior test in a small piece.

FI-NIC Painting specifications
Item / trip FI-NIC
Painting method Brush, roller, blowing
Quantity of standard painting More than coating thickness 0.3mm
0.4Kg/ u
Canned 30 square meters of /1
The application number of times 2-3 times of painting
Quantity of dilution There is no dilution basically
*In the case of an air reply, it is around 100cc
*In the case of a brush, it is around 5% with spring water
Painting interval I check a dry state in winter for 3h - 4h and repeat it for 1h - 2h and paint in the summer and do it.

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