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About the personal information of the visitor, We handle it with scrupulous attention based on the Au-Source Co., Ltd. personal information protection guideline that I settled below in us.
In addition, our guideline will plan enhancement in future more while being improved appropriately.

About collection, the use of the personal information

On the occasion of the inquiry to our service, the personal information of the visitor is necessary.When we acquire the personal information of the visitor from a visitor, we identify a use purpose as much as possible and acquire the personal information of the necessary range.We use personal information only for a purpose to determine below unless we obtained consent from a visitor beforehand.But it is not this limit when there are other sufficient reasons when it is based on laws and ordinances.

・For the service offer to a visitor
・To use it as a document for offers of the services
・In cases asked for duties using our site, to perform delivery, the settlement such as making documents
・To offer useful information considered to be interested by E-mail or mail to the visitor from us

In addition, we cope as promptly as possible if a visitor can hear again when inquiry, a correction of your personal information are hoped for when the information from us is unnecessary.

Appropriate management of the personal information

e manage the personal information that we took by an appropriate method. When we have an agreement than a visitor and we disclose the personal information of the visitor to a third party or do not provide it except the following cases.

・ When we notify you in the purpose for service offers to a visitor.
・ When it is necessary to cooperate for the engines of the country doing the office work that laws and ordinances determine.
・ When we need disclosure or the offer based on other laws and ordinances.

In addition, we carry out imposition, appropriate management by a contract so that a leak or a re-offer do not do the personal information of the visitor in the company providing personal information based on the agreement of the visitor who can put the item mentioned above.

About a linked site

The link to the Web site except our site may be placed in our Web site. In us, we do
not take responsibility for all about contents, a privacy policy, the agreement of
those Web sites. Please confirm a linked privacy policy.

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Inquiry about the personal information protection guideline
Please refer by an email.
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