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The MobateraIon Project is a project to solve the problems of electromagnetic waves from living environment, chemical substances from housing materials, from mobile phone electromagnetic wave countermeasures. In order to protect the future of children, we plan to distribute the hand-made Movatera Ion seal free to children. This is because children receive more harm from electromagnetic waves than adults. MobateraIon seal is a seal that emits terahertz and negative ions simultaneously. You can feel that the skin becomes smooth and smooth just by touching it. It is a synergetic effect of terahertz and negative ions. In the future, we will start selling MobateraIon seal, and next, we plan to create MobateraIon Studio and MovateraIon online salon.

MobateraIon Seal

Effects of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones on human body 

MobateraIon Studio•Onlie salon

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