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Character introduction

 Episode 0 Origin of FI-NIC name and mark

 Episode 1 Story of How to transfer heat

 Episode 2 Story of the electromagnetic wave and the infrared rays

 Episode 3 Story of the insulation (Blocking Heat)

 Episode 4 Story of A story of stretchability, tackiness and durability

 Episode 5 Story of the thermos method of construction

Story of the origin of the name and the mark of FI-NIC

  What does FI-NIC mean?  

NIC of FI-IC is an abbreviation of "NEXT INNOVSTION COAT".
Next Innovation means "next reform" and Coat means "painting".
FI-NIC is meant to be the next-generation paint.
?Ring suitable for the coming era
It is an energy saving paint that is kind to the border.

  Oh I see! The meaning was put in my name
Well, but what does FI mean?

That's why it's a secret
And the mark on your forehead also makes sense
  Is that so? I really wanted eyebrows ...
The story of the meaning of FI flowed

Is the mark of the amount the FI-NIC logo? Yes.
All FI-NIC products have this "FI" mark.
FI "FI red "warming performance to keep warm"
NIC "NIC Blue stands for "heat insulation performance representing coolness".
In fact, "FI" is abbreviation of FUTER INTEGRATION.
  IYes, it's amazing. I have a reason 
Well, from now on, this mark can be seen in various places.There are many thoughts in FI-NIC.

You are right. Remember me well.
NIC! Good luck and follow me.

 next time How to transfer heat


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